I was part of the TB/X fandom twenty years ago, when I moved off free hosts to my own domain in 2001. The internet is a very different place now. Fandom no longer happens on personal sites, but through social media or Web 2.0 crowd-sourced content. However, for many anime/manga series there is no central hub, and finding good detailed information is scatter-shot, if you're lucky enough to know where to look.

With that in mind, I've decided to launch sakurazukamori.org as a source for TB/X fandom. It will act as a database for all things Tokyo Babylon, including background publication and release info, merchandice lists, translations, with possibly a few "fun" TB/X fandom sites on the side.

This site, along with Ukoku.net and Amaiotaku.net, is part of my network of manga fandom sites (or will be when I put them back up lol). Updates will be posted on twitter I guess? (and my blog eventually). Feel free to send me suggestions, or just say hello, especially if you're an old pal.

See you soon!

With Love,

Eugene (the webmaster formerly known as Nadia)

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